Video games are becoming more popular every year and more and more gamers are finding their way into virtual worlds. The eSports game popularity now generates more revenue than the film and music industries. Gaming is no longer just a hobby for many. Professional gamers are finding their way into professional eSports and compete against each other in competitions for sometimes high prize money. But just as great as the popularity of top eSport games is the selection of different genres and games. Which are the biggest eSport games and where can the highest prize money be earned? reports.

eSports Game is not the same as video game

Before we dive into the numbers be sure to know that there is a difference between eSports Game and Video Game. That's why the answers to the questions: “What is the most played video game in the world?” and “What is the biggest eSports Game?” are widely different.

An esports game is a video game that is played competitively in organized tournaments and leagues, usually with professional players who compete for prize money or other rewards. Esports games can include a wide variety of video games, including first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, fighting games, and sports games.

On the other hand, a video game is any game that is played on an electronic device, such as a console, computer, or mobile device. Video games can be single-player or multiplayer, and can be played for entertainment or educational purposes. Video games can also be played casually or competitively, but not all video games are designed with competitive play in mind.

Most popular eSports Games: Which one is it?

Here's a table of the top 10 esports games in the world as of 2023, including their prize pools:

Esports GamePrize Pool (in millions)Console/Platform
League of Legends$20.8PC
Dota 2$40.0PC
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive$27.8Multi-platform
Call of Duty: Warzone$3.0Multi-platform
Rainbow Six Siege$2.0Multi-platform
Rocket League$4.0Multi-platform
Apex Legends$2.0Multi-platform

Note: The prize pool numbers are approximate and may vary depending on the source of data.

What is the most popular game in the world?

Here's a table of the top 10 most popular video games in the world as of 2023:

Game TitleDownload Numbers (in millions)Console/Platform
Among Us600Multi-platform
Apex Legends200Multi-platform
Call of Duty: Warzone150Multi-platform
Genshin Impact90Multi-platform
League of Legends80PC

Note: The download numbers are approximate and may vary depending on the source of data.



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