WhatsApp Bomber APK Download

WhatsApp Bomber APK Download To Crash Your Friend’s Account (Guide)

Whatsapp is effective app which stand at top of social medial and it is update with the lot of features to get user friendly support at every time. In order to enjoy additional fun, you can go with the whatsapp bomber, which is complete used for fun playing with friends at every time. Even, you can simply freeze your friends and copy the character and then you can send it to your close friend WhatsApp Bomber is fun application to send the spam so it ends up with the crash receiver’s device. This application allows the user to copy the large character to send it to the close friend. It has filled with the five bomb powers and it allows getting higher bomb power to make use in a fine manner.

It has major tags such the whatsapp bomber APK, what app freezer, freeze and what app freezer so it will be more comfortable for the customer to make use and enjoy getting more fun with the major friend. By using this application over the mobile, it allows to send more number of the text SMS with the single click across the world. This bomber means that it has bunch of same repeated message and it can go with few steps to follow in the easy way.

It has option to send the bench in the fine way with support of the free shareable resource at any time. On the other hand, whatsapp bomber is well update with the new things such the more device support to install and make use and it has option to send more than 5000+ message. Then it has performance of upgrade and has bug fix with no risk on it.

Download WhatsApp Bomber APK To Crash Your Friends Account

What Makes WhatsApp Bomber Better?

  • It very simple and effective to make use
  • It allow to send message with the new line
  • It allow to copy and paste large text in the fine manner
  • It can send the blank message which has white space
  • It has single click to reset all in very seconds

Therefore, it will be more comfortable for the friend to enjoy real fun at every time.

Security of WhatsApp Bomber APK,

It designs with the high security to make use over the mobile so it will be more comfortable to install and enjoy real fun. Here it has not concern and it never has ads on this app. as result it never make your mobile process slow and affect other daily task on it. At it, it has no link with the social sdk, which remain with the high security to make use in the fine manner.

Features of WhatsApp Bomber

This application is built with the great features to enjoy high level of the fun with the number of the whatsapp friends.

  • It has screen hardware features
  • It need device to make use of the portrait or else landscape orientation. if the application is support to run both things over the device , then you need not want to announce each features
  • It is one of the real whatsapp bomber to freeze your friend for some time
  • It is user friendly to make use in the fine manner at very time

Download WhatsApp Bomber APK Latest Version

Download Bomber .APK

Are you searching for the right source link to download such file? Yes no worries, you just go with the below link which are lead to download file with the zero cost in the faster manner. These links are free from the virus and other malicious code so it never installs any sort of problem to the device with no risk on it.

Warning – WhatsApp Bomber is an independent application, it must be used for learning purpose, the admin of this blog is nowhere responsible if this is used in any unethical ways! We neither do nor encourage such practise.


 Way To Make Use Of The WhatsApp Bomber?

  • First, you need to find out the respective link, which has whatsapp Bomber app, and click on the official link to download the app.
  • After download is completed just have click on the apps and install the app.
  • Now you can views images of app which given below.
  • Then user can find out the 5 levels so they can choose the right level to bomb as o per the needs. Then level one has small bomb and level five has massive bomb.
  • Once you complete choosing the level now you can ready to user bomb by just copy the “copy to clipboard” button.
  • Then the above button option which let copy full content and now it is ready send message to all friend
  • Finally the sending message can be crash whatsapp as well as it bring device freeze.


 How to bomb your friend by sending the message via WhatsApp web?

Note: Before going to start of this project, it is necessary to check make sure and install the Microsoft .net framework 4.0 to use such the method.

  • First download & install SpamBot software by downloading it here.
  • Then you need to wait until the application has to installed successfully and then click on it to open such app.
  • Now you can view the text space in the picture so you can start enter the message and send to the number of the friend at the same time.
  • Then you must choose the speed of sending file such the 100m/s ore you can select 8000m/s so it will be more comfortable for the customer with no risk on it.
  • Then you can open web.whatapp.com from your current PC and then you have to login with your acting whatsapp account via QR code.
  • Then select the chat according to your wish that you can spam your friend
  • Now you can find image with the start bottom so you have click on it.
  • Now you can enter the message in the Web whatsapp as it shown in the below image.
  • Then it will send the sms automatically in the high speed and you can enjoy spam your friend with easy trick.

Hence, you can enjoy such the fun bomber by using the web whatsapp in the fine manner. On the other hand, you can easily make use with user-friendly manner.


Precaution to be made at the time of the using such above method

  • It is necessary ready it before going to use such the bomber because it helps to make use of the whatsapp bombe in the faster and safer manner over your hand device. here are some common thing to follow :
  • The android user who has lower than 1 GB Ram, just they never select the higher level such the level 4 and level 5.
  • By choosing the level below 4 will help to enjoy the fun and it will be simple and easy to crash the device
  • If the mobile user faces any problem, then they have to clear the chat history after sending the message in the fine manner.

How to come back after Whats App after getting the bombing:

  • First, you need go to “setting” and you can find “App” and click on the Whats App, then go for force close.
  • Now you can open the Whats App

Note: you need not want to read the message which getting to the menu option and then select chats to delete all things.

  • Now the problem will be get solved in the fine manner
  • Still if you face any problem, you just go to setting option and click app option. Then you can find the Whats app and clear all the data in it.
  • On completing the above steps, they need to register with number and use it.

Therefore, you can simply go with this fun play over the whatsapp with your friend in the fine manner. It is very easy to install such app and enjoy sending the unlimited message to the major friend with the single click on it. Even it is very simple but it may use for fun but some time, you friend may have option the block you so it you will not be used to send the joke and other thing.

How the WhatsApp bomb works?

In the app, you can able to copy the respective clipboard a large character words so the user has to paste the word in the conversation. Here are five levels of hacking

  • Level 1 can able to generate a 22. 528 text characters
  • Level 2 can able to generate a 45.056 text characters
  • Level 3 can able to generate a 90.112 text characters
  • Level 4 can able to generate a 180.224 text characters
  • Level 5 can able to generate a 360.448 text characters

Hence, it will be more comfortable for the customer to make use with the fun but some time, you have chance to block your friends.


Wrapping up WhatsApp Bomber, 

Those hope we have provided you enough information about WhatsApp Bomber APK which can be used to crash friends WhatsApp account without root access, doesn’t that great? yes, it is.

Hello World! I am admin of APKLoader, we try to provide you some of the new & popular android applications APK file with tutorials!

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