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Sixaxis Controller Apk Download For Android – Latest version

Android phones are used by the majority of the population, it might be due to the affordable costs, a multitude of features or the ease of access and multiple services that can be used with it today.  IT has provided gamers one more platform to explore their games on, most of the gamers don’t like parting with their controllers and even if they get the games they enjoy playing with their gaming console on their phone, they are not comfortable with the controls on android phone, so what sixaxis controller apk does is gives the users a way to pair the their controller with the android phone so that they can have the additional feature and more ease of access when playing their favorite PlayStation or other games on their Android smartphones, with sixaxis controller you can have access to full the full gamepad and controller support. we will go through the all the requirements, features and the installation process of sixaxis controller apk. You won’t need to refer anything else the download links are even provided so you won’t have to search for it manually.

let’s see, how you could download & install sixaxis controller apk on your Android phone and unleash the power of this amazing application. Without any further ado let’s dive in!

Sixaxis Controller Apk Download For Android – Latest version

Why you should get sixaxis controller apk?

sixaxis controller apk download
sixaxis controller apk download

Here why you should get Sixaxis Controller apk it allows users like you who enjoy gaming or are hardcore gamers to use the following controllers so that you can enjoy your favourite games and applications in full scale.

  • PlayStation 3
  • Sixaxis Controller
  • DualShock 3 Wireless Controller
  • PlayStation Move Navigation Controller
  • PlayStation 4
  • DualShock 4 Wireless Controller suppose if you are pairing it on a PC, then you must use SixaxisPairTool 0.3.0+.

How to Install SixAxis Controller Apk For Android?

There are two steps for installing sixaxis controller apk, first, you have to get the sixaxis compatibility checker tool that will check whether your phone is compatible with the applications. And install the sixaxis controller app.

How to check if Sixaxis controller is compatible on your device?

Step 1: Go the following Google Play link to download the Sixaxis compatibility checker tool.

Step 2: Once there you can tap on the install button the file will start downloading on your phone it is small about 0.98 MB so it won’t need a lot of time to finish the installation process.

Step 3: Launch the application, once it is open you will be able to see three options.

Step 4: Select the “start” option by tapping on it. below that, you will be given instruction on how it works.

Step 5: If your device is not rooted it will ask you check if your device is rooted and disconnect, so only install this app on a rooted android phone. But if you have rooted device then it will tell you whether your device is compatible or not. If your device is not rooted, then try one click rooting apps like Baidu root or Universal Androot.

If your device is compatible can move forward with the installation steps of sixaxis controller apk. It is strictly advised that you download the file from the below given or any other trusted sources otherwise you might jeopardise the security of your device and directly yours. Downloading it from third party sites is always going to be a risk no matter when you get it you could face privacy breach or information leak and so on.

Download Sixaxis Controller APK For Free

Download Sixaxis Controller .APK

How to install Sixaxis controller apk on Android?

Step 1: Download sixaxis controller apk from the link above.

Step 2: Once you downloaded, open the Settings >> Security and enable or tick “Unknown Sources” to side load the app.

Step 3: Now open the downloaded sixaxis controller apk file.

Step 4: Tap Next >> install.

The sixaxis controller app would be installed on your android shortly, you can verify the same by opening the app drawer and searching for the application.


Things to know before you get sixaxis controller apk

  1. It’s unfortunate but it doesn’t support all the devices so before you get this app and spend on it, get the Sixaxis Compatibility Checker which is available for free on google play which we will cover in the installation of sixaxis controller apk.
  2. For using this application you need to have “Rooted Android Device”, otherwise this controller app won’t work for you.
  3. The pairing of the controllers is done in such a way that, you need to manually pair your controller with the PC utility ‘SixaxisPairTool’ that is available on the website and it even has a mini-USB cable.  For Android 3.1+ users pairing, can be done simply by using the USB.
  4. If you are set on the course of using this app then makes sure that you get the ORIGINAL controller. There are plenty of after market controllers which won’t work with this app. a way to find out if the controller is original is, when you start using it you will get a ‘Client connected: 1’ message, but if the lights on your controller continue to flash, then it is not an original controller.
  5. It was important that you know there are some fake controllers available in the market that might fool you.

Sixaxis Controller Apk Features List

sixaxis controller apk
sixaxis controller apk
  • It supports the following controllers that include Sixaxis, DualShock 3, DualShock 4 and Navigation all at once.
  • It behaves as a native gamepad for all Android 3.1+ devices. it even gives full support for analog sticks as well as analog triggers.
  • sixaxis controller apk provides full Keyboard emulation. what it does is Maps all buttons and sticks to almost any key available on your Android keyboard.
  • There are many phones which support the use of a mouse for such phones this app provides full Mouse emulation. it configures a button in order to activate the mouse pointer for such devices.
  • It even includes touch emulation which allows users to map buttons as well as the analog sticks to their Android screen. With which you play all your favourite games with full analog support, and even those which don’t have built-in controller support!

Wrapping up, 

It must feel redundant if you are yet to install sixaxis controller apk make sure that your phone is rooted, there are plenty of one-tap rooting application available online that provide a more secure and easy way for you to root your Android device, there are a few risks to rooting but the benefits are immense. As we have seen the installation process and requirements of the sixaxis controller app, it is a hope that you won’t have any trouble installing it on your phone.

I am not that much into games so it won’t be possible to actually come out and tell you how great sixaxis controller apk for Android is or whether its would work for you or not, it’s on you give it a try you don’t even have to download it if it’s not compatible with your android phone, but you might find something amazing if it does work out for you. It is an innovative idea that a developer has come up with so that gamers like him can have more ease with their smartphone games by using the controller.

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