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Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free Download For Android 2017

Why is there a need to use nova launcher prime apk why not be happy with what your phone comes with? The reason is that every phone manufacturer tries to brand a particular model of the brand or almost all the models in the brand in such a way that anyone using it or even someone who glanced at it would recognise which brand or company it belongs to that is great for the developer but no so much for the user, these launchers don’t have a lot of variety and then user have to depend on launchers like nova launcher prime apk for them. Which really comes with some of the best themes and customising options. Let’s take a look at the bounty of features it provides. Let’s see, how you can download nova launcher prime apk (including prime beta apk) for free without paying any thing. Shall we?

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free Download 2017 – Latest version

What is Nova Launcher prime apk?

Nova launcher Prime Apk
Nova launcher Prime Apk

Nova launcher is one of the best Android launcher available for Android smartphones, you can pretty customise any aspect home screen & app drawer. But in the free version of Nova launcher, you won’t get all the benefits, to get those you have to get the prime version which costs over $4.99. A glimpse of nova launcher.

Name Nova launcher prime
Developer TeslaCoil Software
Size 5.89 Mb
Stable version v5.5.2
Compatibility Android 4.0 and up
Cost $4.99 (sometimes $0.99)
No Of Downloads 1,000,000+

Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk For Free

Download Prime .APK

How to Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

Before getting into nova launcher prime apk, you should know that it is advised that you get the application from a trusted source like playstore, sure there are sources that claim to provide the application for free but those sources come with drawbacks such as security issues.

Step 1: First of all, download Nova launcher prime apk from the above link.

Step 2: Now, open Settings >> Security >> enable or tick “Unknown sources” to side load the .apk files.

Step 3: Open the download apk file and tap install.

Step 4: Now wait for few seconds,  nova launcher prime apk will be installed on your Android device. Now you can have access to all the features.

How to Install Nova Launcher On Android? (Via Play Store)

In order to install nova launcher prime, you have to install the nova launcher free application before that, it acts as a license that unlocks the nova launcher prime apk. Installing Nova launcher free:

Step 1: Get the install from the following google play link. if for some reason the link doesn’t work for you, you could go to the play store and search for “Nova Launcher” manually.

Step 2: When you are there tap on the “Install” button to download the launcher.

Step 3: It will be downloaded on your phone and then you wait till it is installed.

Step 4: The installation process won’t require much time so you can don’t need to wait long, once it is installed you can click on “Launch” to start the application.

Step 5: If you want to try it out, you can use the basic feature with just this launcher but if you want to have access to more features then follow the below steps to install it.


How to use the Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

  1. Now that you have installed the prime launcher on your Android device. Start by setting it up to use it.
  2. So begin by tapping on the home button. You will be able to see all the installed launcher on your phone.
  3. Select Nova launcher prime and it will ask if “just once” or “always” select always to make it your default launcher. Now you will be directed to the home screen and app drawers.
  4. Long press on the desktop i.e your Android home screen if you want to have access to the settings menu, from there you can further customise your launcher.
  5. Nova Launcher includes sub menus for the desktop, app drawer, dock and custom gestures, and few other options. There are options with which you can configure the desktop and app menus to rotate along with your phone, which is something not all Android phones do by default.
  6. Now that that is done you can search for more themes on play store and download them for your Nova launcher there are some themes that have been specifically developed for Nova launchers.


Nova Launcher Features (Free version + Prime version)

nova launcher prime features
nova launcher prime features
  • It comes equipped with thousands of icon themes you can get them very easily from play store so your phone screen will never be boring.
  • It has a subgrid positioning which gives Nova launcher  better control than conventional launchers, What Nova Launcher does is allows users to snap icons or widgets half way through the desktop grid cells
  • It includes color controls for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and even the backgrounds which make it a lot more interesting and customizable.
  • You can customise your app Drawer now with options like custom tabs, that come with vertical or horizontal scrolling, and even a few custom effects
  • It even has an Improved Widget Drawer in which Widgets are grouped by the apps for better performance.
  • It’s Infinite scroll always lets you have all the important apps within reach.
  • The best feature is of Backup or Restore it comes with an advanced backup or restore system which allows you to backup your desktop layout as well as launcher settings
  • You will be able to create multiple docks and then scroll between them
  • Using this launcher you can place any widget in your dock, one example of that would be your 4×1 music player widget.
  • If you used some other launcher prior to this and you have a favourite layout you can import that layout using nova launcher you don’t need to create a new one from scratch for you.
  • Nova launcher works smoothly and is optimised to work at a better speed and it is much faster than any other launchers, it keeps the animations smooth and allows you to use your phone as quick as its possible for you to move your fingers on it.

Nova launcher prime Apk features You can play with

Nova Launcher prime Apk Download
Nova Launcher prime Apk Download

These were the feature that you will receive with both Nova launcher and nova launcher prime apk but there are features that are specific only to nova launcher prime lets take a look at them:

1. It comes with gestures such as Swipe, pinch, double tap and more which you have to make on your home screen to open the app associated with the gesture. You can choose which app you want to allot to a particular gesture.

2. It has unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more that will surely make it hard to miss your messages.

3. With custom drawer groups, you get to create new tabs or folders inside the app drawer

4. It even has a feature that allows users to hide Apps that they never use so that they can have a clean app drawer.

5. You can set custom actions for swiping on both app shortcuts and folders the choice is yours to make.

6. we already know that it provides infinite scroll, apart from that it gives more options where scroll effects are considered and the options are Wipe, Accordion, and Throw which is something that will give you more customization choices.


Wrapping up,

You yourself have seen the multitude of features that it provides aren’t they the reason enough for you to get it? Out of all the launchers, Nova launcher Prime Apk one is more customizable and has some great features that you won’t get from any of the launchers let it be free or prime version. once again would like to warn you don’t trust the third party site that claims to provide free download select nova launcher prime apk instead.

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